Saturday, September 28, 2013

Organizing on the Cheap: Dollar Tree

I love The Container Store and if I had an unlimited budget, I would shop there for all of my storage needs. But do you know what I love even more than The Container Store? Bargains! And that's exactly what I'm going to show you today. 

First, here are a few projects I've done using items found at Dollar Tree or Dollar General:

Speaking of bargains, I went to Dollar Tree this morning on a mission to find the best organization supplies I could for $20. So, how do you think I did? 

I had so much fun browsing through the store, and I think I found some pretty great items!

1. File Folders
I've had the most difficult time finding cute file folders around my town, and I totally would have snatched these up if I didn't just order some online. You can't beat 3 file folders for $1! Use them like this,

 2. Multi-Purpose Clips
These are great for the pantry. We received some like these as a wedding gift and use them all the time.
3. Drawer Organizers
They had two different sizes of these cups and I thought they would be perfect for organizing junk drawers. You could place some museum putty on the bottom so they don't slide around when you open and close the drawer.

4.Magnetic Photo Frame
I am wishing I would have bought this now. I would use it on my fridge to hold a measurement conversion sheet so I wouldn't have to look it up on my phone every time I couldn't remember how many cups are in a quart!

5. Notebook
They had the cutest notebooks! I always carry one in my purse since I tend to forget things if I don't write them down.

6. Self Stick Felt Pads
These come in handy when you have a basket on a shelf that doesn't slide very well. Just stick these on the bottom and problem solved!

7. 2014 Desk Calendar
I love the print on this calendar, and it's just the right size to keep on your desk at work or in your home office. 

8 & 9. Stackable Bins.
I love these things. They had a couple of different versions and several colors to choose from.

10. Plastic Storage Container
I thought that these would be great for storing your kids toys or using as wastebaskets. They had orange and a really pretty plum color.

11. Magnetic Clips
For holding menus, shopping lists, artwork, and coupons. There were also some of these in the office section, but I was drawn to the bright colors of these found in the kitchen section.

12. Decorative Tape
This was my favorite find of the day! They had 11 different patterns to choose from. I may have gone a little overboard and bought 10! You could use this tape for this, this, this, this, this, or this.

13, 14 & 15 Storage Containers
These containers were so tiny and would be perfect for organizing craft supplies or office accessories. They were 3 for $1.

These came in a package of 2 for $1.

These weren't as sturdy, but at 20 cents a piece, I was sold.

16. Adhesive Drawer Liner
Dollar Tree had a ton of options for drawer liner. These help add a pop of color to an otherwise boring spot, and makes organizing a little more fun.

17. Wire Storage Bins
These are the exact kind I used to organize my bathroom drawer (shown above). They are sturdy, and there are several different sizes and shapes. These are so wonderful because you can create your own configurations depending on your drawer size.

18. Ice Cube Tray
2 for $1. I've seen these used to store earrings, rings, bobbin, MAC eyeshadow, and to corral items in a junk drawer.

19. Glass Containers with Screw-on Lid
Another great container for craft storage! Imagine a bunch of these lined up with colorful items stored inside.

So, have I convinced you to go to Dollar Tree yet!? When I start a project, I always head to my local dollar stores before hitting up The Container Store website. I can usually find something that works for a whole lot cheaper.

Happy Organizing!!!


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!
Love from your favorite admirer!

Anonymous said...

I went to target yesterday and spent more than a $100 for containers :( Guess what I'm going to return them & I'm going to Dollar store today :) You are so creative!!

Anonymous said...

I always shop at the Dollar Tree. I never leave without spending at least $20.00. I use their gift wrap in making cards. I use their small plastic containers for storing small rolls of craft ribbons. I use their wire racks to hold my craft punchers. I could go on and on...anyone and everyone into crafting and setting up a craft room should go to the Dollar Tree for supplies before going anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

They should give you stock in the company! Sounds like it should be called "the Twenty Dollar Store, lol! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could show pictures of how you use these items in your home. I'd like to organize kitchen sink an kitchen sink and refrigerator. I am a visual person.
Thank you for the ideas

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about organizing our kitchen pantry using Dollar Tree organization products. What color do you think would suit the place better?

RitaLynn said...

Wonderful ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Its so unfair, as all or most of the ideas that I see on here that are really good but we don't seem to have the same bargains here in the UK! But thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I like your ideas, however I am trying to buy as little as possible from China. I don't dislike the people, but I see our citizens having far to many products from there. So, I choose to spend a bit more and buy other products made in the USA. I am a very loyal citizen.

Rebecca D. said...

The multi-purpose colored clips are my favorite. I've purchased 3 packs of them. I use them for so many things, but mostly to keep my coffee in the freezer closed and fresh as well as other bags in the freezer ... and as chip clips. :)

Unknown said...

Ummm what state do you live in, cuz Olive in IL. And I don't see many of these items @ my Dollar Tree. Like mostof your ideas but can't find items to use

Meli said...

I go to three different dollar trees, and one got a shipment of harvest color plastic bins for cubbies. They are 3 dollars at Target, and only.. well a dollar at Dollar Tree.

Unknown said...

I was surprised that you're not more popular because you certainly have the gift.

Zetta Wasser said...

I agree, I love an item that says or better yet that has a print Made in USA. I will buy that all day long.

Unknown said...

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