Monday, July 27, 2015

And, I'm back! {Quick Recap}

So....I accidentally took a 2 year break! (insert embarrassed emoji here)

It was totally unintentional, but life got a little crazy. When I started this blog, I had a very flexible job as an activities coordinator at a retirement home. I absolutely loved it! The hours were great, the people were the sweetest, my bosses were the best, and I honestly enjoyed what I did. However, it left me with a lot of free time, the pay wasn't what I expected, and my nutrition degree wasn't being utilized. After searching for a job for two and a half years in two different cities, I took whatever I could get and was just thankful they hired me! With that said, I needed something to do in my free time and began exploring other opportunities...that is how The Orderly Home came to be. 

While I was working at the retirement home, a job opportunity became available and I decided to interview for it. The only problem was the 1.5 hour daily commute. I was at the point where I needed job experience in my field, and if that meant leaving my house at 7:30 and not getting back home until 6:30, then it was worth it to me. That left me with very little free time and the time I did have, I was very selfish with. I wanted to spend it with my family and friends and recovering from a tiring work week. So, The Orderly Home fell to the wayside and life moved on. 

1 year and 8 months later, we sold our house, quit our jobs, relocated for my husband's new job, decided to build a home, and most importantly...

 this little stinker joined our family!

Although I would still love to be a professional organizer someday, that isn't my ultimate goal anymore. Organizing is a hobby of mine and it would make me so happy to be able to inspire others with the same interests or those looking to gain control over their clutter. If no one finds this blog interesting or helpful, then that's fine as well. I'm starting back up because I miss this little blog community and finally feel like I have some time to dedicate to it. Things will probably be a little slow around here for a while, but I want to document our build so be on the lookout for that. I can't wait to get moved in and explore every little nook and cranny!

In the meantime, you can follow my "build" Pinterest board to see what direct we're headed in. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Greeting Card Organization

My latest project has been creating a craft closet in our office. I had a dresser in our guest room that wasn't being used and decided to paint and move it into the office to store all of my craft and office supplies. You will get to see the finished product next week, but I thought I would show you one of the things I've created in the process. 

I LOVE snail main and I aspire to be the kind of person that sends cards to people on their birthday and other special occasions. The problem is finding the right one considering they are kind of scattered all over our house.

The remedy: I found a photo storage for $1.99 that happened to be the perfect size. I didn't realize it until I got home, but the dividers were included. Score! I created labels to divide the cards into three sections: blank, thank you, and birthday. I have another box ready to go when I come across different categories of cards I want to buy. (i.e. get well soon, sympathy, happy anniversary)

You can see the color I chose for the's a little bold, but I love it. I can't wait to show you the finished project next week. There's that and the launch of my Etsy shop and The Orderly Planner!!! Exciting things happening over here. Thank you for sticking with me through the last few weeks as things have been a little slow.

Happy Organizing!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Organizing on the Cheap: Dollar Tree

I love The Container Store and if I had an unlimited budget, I would shop there for all of my storage needs. But do you know what I love even more than The Container Store? Bargains! And that's exactly what I'm going to show you today. 

First, here are a few projects I've done using items found at Dollar Tree or Dollar General:

Speaking of bargains, I went to Dollar Tree this morning on a mission to find the best organization supplies I could for $20. So, how do you think I did? 

I had so much fun browsing through the store, and I think I found some pretty great items!

1. File Folders
I've had the most difficult time finding cute file folders around my town, and I totally would have snatched these up if I didn't just order some online. You can't beat 3 file folders for $1! Use them like this, this or this.

 2. Multi-Purpose Clips
These are great for the pantry. We received some like these as a wedding gift and use them all the time.

3. Drawer Organizers
They had two different sizes of these cups and I thought they would be perfect for organizing junk drawers. You could place some museum putty on the bottom so they don't slide around when you open and close the drawer.

4.Magnetic Photo Frame
I am wishing I would have bought this now. I would use it on my fridge to hold a measurement conversion sheet so I wouldn't have to look it up on my phone every time I couldn't remember how many cups are in a quart!

5. Notebook
They had the cutest notebooks! I always carry one in my purse since I tend to forget things if I don't write them down.

6. Self Stick Felt Pads
These come in handy when you have a basket on a shelf that doesn't slide very well. Just stick these on the bottom and problem solved!

7. 2014 Desk Calendar
I love the print on this calendar, and it's just the right size to keep on your desk at work or in your home office. 

8 & 9. Stackable Bins.
I love these things. They had a couple of different versions and several colors to choose from.

10. Plastic Storage Container
I thought that these would be great for storing your kids toys or using as wastebaskets. They had orange and a really pretty plum color.

11. Magnetic Clips
For holding menus, shopping lists, artwork, and coupons. There were also some of these in the office section, but I was drawn to the bright colors of these found in the kitchen section.

12. Decorative Tape
This was my favorite find of the day! They had 11 different patterns to choose from. I may have gone a little overboard and bought 10! You could use this tape for this, this, this, this, this, this or this.

13, 14 & 15 Storage Containers
These containers were so tiny and would be perfect for organizing craft supplies or office accessories. They were 3 for $1.

These came in a package of 2 for $1.

These weren't as sturdy, but at 20 cents a piece, I was sold.

16. Adhesive Drawer Liner
Dollar Tree had a ton of options for drawer liner. These help add a pop of color to an otherwise boring spot, and makes organizing a little more fun.

17. Wire Storage Bins
These are the exact kind I used to organize my bathroom drawer (shown above). They are sturdy, and there are several different sizes and shapes. These are so wonderful because you can create your own configurations depending on your drawer size.

18. Ice Cube Tray
2 for $1. I've seen these used to store earrings, rings, bobbin, MAC eyeshadow, and to corral items in a junk drawer.

19. Glass Containers with Screw-on Lid
Another great container for craft storage! Imagine a bunch of these lined up with colorful items stored inside.

So, have I convinced you to go to Dollar Tree yet!? When I start a project, I always head to my local dollar stores before hitting up The Container Store website. I can usually find something that works for a whole lot cheaper.

Happy Organizing!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Storing T-Shirts

After organizing our DVD's, I left you with this image.

A big empty drawer, aka an organizer's dream!

After thinking on it for a couple of weeks, I decided that it would be the perfect spot for all of our t-shirts. We use the Real Simple Slim Hangers (which I love, btw) in our closet. Since they are a little pricey, I feel like it's a waste to used them on t-shirts considering I would have to buy two boxes just for our t-shirts alone. Crazy!

Since discovering the Flip Fold, I have been folding t-shirts just for the fun of it, and storing them in the cubby holes we have built into our closets. They always seem to end up in the floor, and it's inconvenient if you want to get to a shirt that is on the bottom of the pile. 

This drawer is just the right spot for them and the Flip Fold allows me to fold the shirts so that they are all the same size, and I can pack them in there just like a can of a good way. Even if a few are taken out as we wear them, the other shirts stay standing upright and the space is held until it is washed, folded, and returned.

I'm so happy our t-shirts have a home now! I like this set-up because you don't have to move anything out of the way to get the shirt you want to wear.  We can just reach in there, grab the one we want, and head out the door. As an added bonus, it gives me extra room in my closet for more clothes. AND, that makes me one happy camper!

* Still trying to figure out if it's worth it to send my camera in for repair, so please bear with me and these crummy iPhone pictures.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Office Organization {Craft & Technology}

Friday was nuts! I found three gray hairs, had a strange meeting, got told I was second best, and broke my expensive camera. All that to say I spent 45 minutes taking pictures for this post and now I can't get them off my camera. So I snapped a few with my iPhone to share with you. Perfection is overrated...said the perfectionist.

Moving on. Over-the-door hanging shoe organizers are probably one of my top ten favorite organizational tools. They can be used for just about anything: cords/chargers, toys, food storage in the pantry, cleaning supplies, make-up/toiletries, scarfs/clutches, spray paint, tools, and so on. I had two put away from when we lived in an apartment and had tiny closets, and decided to use one of them in our office to create extra storage.

I posted this photo on Instagram a few ten months ago (holy cow, where has this year gone!) and just now got around to updating the labels. The ones that I had before were only temporary, difficult to read and came unclipped easily. After living with it for a while and figuring out that this setup worked for us, it was time to make it pretty.

As if I haven't shared enough with y'all about my nerd tendencies...I used to love helping my teachers cut out stuff that had been laminated. It was my favorite! But, I can't justify spending money on a laminator just yet and the laminating sleeves that your iron on are expensive as well. So, I did a little experimenting with packing tape and it worked perfectly! It was fun cutting out my "laminated labels" and they turned out pretty cute. I attached them with velcro so that they can be adjusted and switched around if need be.

I also transferred everything from it's original packaging to zip top bags I found at Hobby Lobby. This wasn't necessary, but saved space so I could fit more in each pocket.

Using these reusable zip ties keeps all of the cords from getting tangled. 

Hanging shoe organizers are a cost effective way to get a ton of storage in an area that would otherwise by wasted space. The one I used came from Wal-Mart (three years ago) and has 24 pockets. It's pretty incredible how much you can actually fit in there. I prefer the canvas ones (like this one) over the clear plastic ones because you can toss everything in the pockets and it's all hidden from plain sight. With everything tucked away, it looks less cluttered.

This setup has been such a great addition to our office space. Anytime, the hubby needs an extension cord or extra iPhone charger, he know exactly where to look. This has made life a lot easier for the both of us!

Monday, August 26, 2013

DVD Storage

I don’t know about y’all, but space is limited at our house. My remedy to that problem is to get rid of items we can do without, and maximize the storage that we do have.

This armoire was graciously given to us and although I would rather have a dresser with a ton of drawers, this is what I have to work with for the time being. Up until yesterday, the armoire’s single drawer housed all of our DVD’s, and even though they were put away and organized, I knew I wasn’t maximizing the space to it’s fullest potential.

We’ve all seen those binders that are made to store CD’s and DVD’s, but those aren’t for me. I prefer to keep our DVD’s in alphabetical order and would have to rotate each one anytime we bought a new movie. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So when I stumbled upon these Memorex Sleeves, I knew they would be perfect for storing our DVD’s in the least amount of space as possible.

So, as I do with any project, I pulled out the movies that we didn’t want anymore, leaving me with this:

I designated a color for each category and transferred the DVD’s from their cases to the correct colored sleeve.

Pink- Girly Movies Romantic Comedies
Green-Video Games
Orange- Action/Drama

I labeled each category with Post-It Tabs and my label maker*, and placed the sleeves in a container from Tuesday Morning. (similar option)

See how much space I saved!

Now, I’m left with a big empty drawer and am pumped (more than any normal person should be) to figure out what I can store in there! 

* Can I just say that I am obsessed with this label maker!  I have no idea how I survived without one in my life for the past 25 years!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Long Should I Keep...

Before I created our current filing system, I had no idea how long I was supposed to keep certain documents. There are so many different references out there so I compiled a list of guidelines that work for me personally, and thought I would share it with my readers!

I am NOT a financial expert and in no way trained in what to keep and what not to keep, and therefore can not be held liable. (read, please don't sue me!)

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