Monday, September 16, 2013

Storing T-Shirts

After organizing our DVD's, I left you with this image.

A big empty drawer, aka an organizer's dream!

After thinking on it for a couple of weeks, I decided that it would be the perfect spot for all of our t-shirts. We use the Real Simple Slim Hangers (which I love, btw) in our closet. Since they are a little pricey, I feel like it's a waste to used them on t-shirts considering I would have to buy two boxes just for our t-shirts alone. Crazy!

Since discovering the Flip Fold, I have been folding t-shirts just for the fun of it, and storing them in the cubby holes we have built into our closets. They always seem to end up in the floor, and it's inconvenient if you want to get to a shirt that is on the bottom of the pile. 

This drawer is just the right spot for them and the Flip Fold allows me to fold the shirts so that they are all the same size, and I can pack them in there just like a can of a good way. Even if a few are taken out as we wear them, the other shirts stay standing upright and the space is held until it is washed, folded, and returned.

I'm so happy our t-shirts have a home now! I like this set-up because you don't have to move anything out of the way to get the shirt you want to wear.  We can just reach in there, grab the one we want, and head out the door. As an added bonus, it gives me extra room in my closet for more clothes. AND, that makes me one happy camper!

* Still trying to figure out if it's worth it to send my camera in for repair, so please bear with me and these crummy iPhone pictures.

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