Sunday, September 8, 2013

Office Organization {Craft & Technology}

Friday was nuts! I found three gray hairs, had a strange meeting, got told I was second best, and broke my expensive camera. All that to say I spent 45 minutes taking pictures for this post and now I can't get them off my camera. So I snapped a few with my iPhone to share with you. Perfection is overrated...said the perfectionist.

Moving on. Over-the-door hanging shoe organizers are probably one of my top ten favorite organizational tools. They can be used for just about anything: cords/chargers, toys, food storage in the pantry, cleaning supplies, make-up/toiletries, scarfs/clutches, spray paint, tools, and so on. I had two put away from when we lived in an apartment and had tiny closets, and decided to use one of them in our office to create extra storage.

I posted this photo on Instagram a few ten months ago (holy cow, where has this year gone!) and just now got around to updating the labels. The ones that I had before were only temporary, difficult to read and came unclipped easily. After living with it for a while and figuring out that this setup worked for us, it was time to make it pretty.

As if I haven't shared enough with y'all about my nerd tendencies...I used to love helping my teachers cut out stuff that had been laminated. It was my favorite! But, I can't justify spending money on a laminator just yet and the laminating sleeves that your iron on are expensive as well. So, I did a little experimenting with packing tape and it worked perfectly! It was fun cutting out my "laminated labels" and they turned out pretty cute. I attached them with velcro so that they can be adjusted and switched around if need be.

I also transferred everything from it's original packaging to zip top bags I found at Hobby Lobby. This wasn't necessary, but saved space so I could fit more in each pocket.

Using these reusable zip ties keeps all of the cords from getting tangled. 

Hanging shoe organizers are a cost effective way to get a ton of storage in an area that would otherwise by wasted space. The one I used came from Wal-Mart (three years ago) and has 24 pockets. It's pretty incredible how much you can actually fit in there. I prefer the canvas ones (like this one) over the clear plastic ones because you can toss everything in the pockets and it's all hidden from plain sight. With everything tucked away, it looks less cluttered.

This setup has been such a great addition to our office space. Anytime, the hubby needs an extension cord or extra iPhone charger, he know exactly where to look. This has made life a lot easier for the both of us!


Anonymous said...

You are never second best. You are the best and if they don't recognize that then that is their loss.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this idea! It helped me organize a box full of tangled cables so they're easy to find now.