Monday, May 6, 2013

Desktop Mail Organizer

Isn't paper clutter the worst!? How do you organize your mail? I found that the key is sorting it immediately even if you can't get to it right then. If it is categorized, it makes it easier to go through later and saves so much time!

In my first and last blog video below, I describe how a couple of simple office supplies make sorting through mail a piece of cake! You can find a similar desktop organizer here.

The one thing I learned from taking speech in college was that I say "umm" too much, and yet I still do it. ALL. THE. TIME.

I'll be back later in the week with another organizing project!


Nikki Roy said...

Great video! I can't wait for the next post. :). I will be looking a desktop file organizer to incorporate this in our home. Our mail ends up end a pile which results in more piles separating later when I go threw's just a huge mess.

Kristin Boyd said...

Thank you! I know that feeling exactly. Let me know what you come up with :) I have loved all your Instagram pictures...totally gets me motivated!