Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite Organization Blogs

We just got back from vacation (my excuse for the lack of posts recently) and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to conquer some clutter! 

I am trying to get in the routine of doing three posts a week, including one big project, one small project, and a quick tip. Today though, I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite organization blogs. Anytime I feel like I'm in a rut or don't know where to begin on a project, I turn to these blogs and instantly feel inspired to get up and do something.

First up, IHeart Organizing. Jen can do no wrong in my eyes. I love everything she does and all the fun happy colors she uses. Here is a link to her home tour.

Next up, is one that I just discovered a few months ago, A Bowl Full of Lemons. Her home is incredible! If you've never been on this blog, start with her Home Organization 101 series. Talk about inspiration!

If you have a few hours to spare, check out Alejandra's site. I promise you will not be disappointed. Her videos are awesome and she shares a ton of great tips that you won't find anywhere else.

Last up is Ashli at Mini Manor Blog. She is a self-proclaimed modern housewife and posts a little bit of everything. I love her clean and simple style!

I'll be back tomorrow with a video showing you how we organize our mail!

I'm always looking for new sources for inspiration...What are some of your favorite organization blogs or sites?  

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