Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet and Drawer {hubby edition}

After tackling my under-the-sink bathroom cabinet and posting these pictures (what my house really looks like), I was inspired to conquer the rest of our master bathroom cabinets and drawers.

First things first, I cleared everything out of my husbands drawer and cabinet and cleaned them with an all purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Once things were cleared out and wiped down, I got rid of everything we weren't using anymore. 

Next, it was time to create some storage. I installed six of these open front stackable storage bins {similar option} that were leftover from this project. There is room for nine, but I wanted to leave some space for cleaning supplies. 

BTW, I was just in Dollar Tree yesterday, and they have these type of storage containers in purple, navy, red, and green. They are a little more flimsy than the ones I got from Dollar General, but they get the job done. I was tempted to buy the purple ones, but since I don't have a spot for them...that would be considered hoarding. At least that's what I have to tell myself because I would totally be okay with hoarding organizing supplies!!! I am going to need an intervention (How I Met Your Mother style) soon.

Finally, it was time to fill up the bins with my husbands toiletries.

a. microfiber rags/sponge for cleaning
b. watches
c. cologne
d. razors/medicine
e. sunscreen and first aid supplies
f. travel sized items.

Keeping all-purpose cleaner and windex in each of the bathrooms makes cleaning a breeze. I installed a tension rod to hang those on and still had room for clorox wipes and a toilet cleaner wand and refills.

Done! Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Moving on to the drawer. As you can see it was a mess before! 

Not that I have any reason to complain! Here is my drawer that I will be working on tomorrow.

I had an extra basket thanks to clearing out everything from his cabinet. It was the perfect size for his allergy medicine, dress watch box, prescriptions, and a travel bag. I used a wire bin from the dollar tree to hold extra shaving cream and deodorant, which usually come in two packs.  His toiletry bag holds all of his everyday items and stays open for easy access.

Overall, I am satisfied with the way this turned out. BONUS- It didn't cost me a penny, because I already had everything on hand. (See, I do hoard organizing supplies!!!)

I just hope he likes it...I didn't exactly tell/warn him that this was happening!