Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quick Tip

I have come to realize that most of the images I have pinned as inspiration are light and bright so clearly I tend to gravitate that way, but our house does not reflect that at all. I've gradually been working on brightening our house by painting over the dark tan color the previous owner had chosen for the entire house. It wasn't a bad color, it just felt dark and heavy, especially since a lot of our furniture is darker. You can see what our previous color looks like in our House Tour video.

By the time I get all of our walls painted, I will have a total of 6 different colors to keep up with. I've decided to write the name of the paint color on a piece of tape (I choose pretty decorative scotch tape, but masking or painters tape would work as well) and place it on the inside of the light switch plate in that room. No one will know it's there except for me, and if I forget what color it is, I know exactly where to look to find out.

And, for those who are interested, here is the color scheme I am going with for our house.

a. Benjamin Morre Quiet Moments 
(Glidden Gentle Tide is discontinued, but Quiet Momements is a close match)
b. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
c. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
d. Benjamin Moore Camouflage 
e. Benjamin Moore Simple White
f. Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray


Lamar Avenue Prayer Requests said... are such an inspiration! I want to go home and tear it up! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

Kristin Boyd said...


Anonymous said...

What color trim?

Julie said...

How is the painting going? I'm thinking of going with most of the same colors you've chosen. And being just a couple weeks away from painting myself, was wondering if you have any new pictures to show off your newly painted rooms?

Silvia Jacinto said...
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Unknown said...

Can you please tell me what room you painted what color and the trim color please?

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me what room you painted what color and the trim color please?

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog and paint colors. I am tossed up between BM Dove white, Edgecomb gray, revere pewter, manchester tan, bleeker beige. Any thoughts? I love your pallet for your home.

thatgirlblogs said...

I chose your exact pallet
Note on the diagram there's a typo/just my OCD

Janie said...

My vote is Revere Pewter with white dove trim!!! I just did it, fabalous RP !!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice combination!