Thursday, April 11, 2013

Under the Kitchen Sink

This whole project started when I found an 18-inch lazy susan at an estate sale for $2.50. I passed over it twice not sure what to use it for, but knowing these sold for $20 on Amazon, I gave in. So now, I was left with the task of figuring out which area of our house would benefit most by having it. I narrowed it down to the garage, under the kitchen sink, and the pantry.

In the end, the space under the kitchen sink won out.

I never knew there were so many things under there! Wires, PVC pipe, garbage disposal, and a bunch of other things that I can’t identify…all of which were getting in the way of me doing my thing. I installed a pullout drawer ($20 from Home Depot) on the left and put the lazy susan on the right. This allows me to store things in the back of the cabinet but still have easy access to them.

Since the drawer is grated, I was concerned about things toppling over every time it was pulled out. I cut out a piece of cardboard from the box it came in, covered it with shelf liner, and placed it inside the drawer so it would have a flat bottom.Problem solved!

My cleaning closet,which is really a coat closet, is soon going to be taken over by my husband’s drum set, meaning all of my cleaning supplies need to find a new home. Now that there is some extra storage under the sink, it’s the perfect place for just that.

Paper towel, cleaning rags, dish soap and vinegar are stored in the pull out drawer, and sponges, drain stoppers, jet dry, and dishtowels are stored on the lazy susan. I also keep my utensil crock down there when I don’t want clutter on the countertop. And, there is still space to store additional items as they come along.  If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen this idea…storing bottles of cleaner on a tension rod. It’s perfect for an extra layer of storage but I think I’ll need to get a bulkier rod if I wanted it to hold more than four.

Here is the drawer pulled out all the way...I want to put drawers in all of my cabinets now!

A couple of command hooks attached to the back of the cabinet doors provide storage for potholders and a stepladder.  

This once dark, dingy, and ugly cabinet under the sink is now one of my favorite spaces in our house!


Anonymous said...

Command hooks are my best friend. We're renters so I use them EVERYWHERE! Including in my own under the sink :-)

Kristin Boyd said...

Aren't they the best!? Totally wish I would have thought to use them when we were renting!