Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Closet Dividers

I clean and organize my closet at least once every three months. And although it looks great afterwards, it always ends up a mess within a few weeks. This is how it was looking just a few days ago.

 Last time, I thought closet dividers might be the solution, so I began the search for some that I liked. Most of the ones I ended up finding were for kids closets, so I decided to make my own. A few cereal boxes, some cute scrapbook paper, and modge podge was all that I needed. I drew an oval, cut it out, glued paper on both sides, and cut out a circle from the middle.

Once they were finished, it was time to organize! I divided my tops into five sections: sleeveless, casual short sleeve, dressy short sleeve, long sleeve, and light jackets/vests/cardigans. The rest of the dividers were used to separate skirts from pants, and sleeveless/short sleeve dresses from long sleeve dresses.

Much better!

My clothes are some what organized by color, making me realize I need more clothes in the ROY part of the spectrum and less in the G BIV. By the way, does anyone know where black, white, gray, brown, and basically every other color fit into ROY G BIV?

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