Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creating A Drop Off Zone

Boys should have purses. How's that for starting a blog post? Seriously though, I hate it when my husband comes home from work and empties his pockets on the kitchen counter. Also, isn't that uncomfortable carrying all that stuff in your pockets everyday? But, I digress...

As a solution, I sat a bowl near the entryway in hope of his stuff finding its way there. When it didn't, I would put it there myself. This happened for a few days before he told me he didn't like it there because people could see it from the front door, and he didn't want to give someone a reason to break in. I'm glad he thinks about that kind of stuff since I obviously don't. And so the cycled continued.

At Christmas, my granny gave me a dough bowl and I immediately knew what we were going to use it for. Here it sits on our bar.

Finally! Something that worked for the both of us. He now has a spot to drop off all of his stuff and I am happy it's not scattered all over the counter. Win-win!

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