Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

As soon as I saw this post from Jen at iheartorganizing, I began hoarding boxes.

I probably have enough to do every single drawer in the house plus some, but I thought this one would be a good start.

This table is my favorite piece of furniture. I bought it at a garage sale five years ago when moving out of the dorms and into a house. My Papa refinished it and left this for me to find.

 It has lived in three different houses and one apartment and has served as an entry table, a coffee bar, and a desk. Right now it’s in the entry, and doesn’t have a purpose other than being pretty. Although the drawer is tiny, measuring in at 13 x 12.5 x 2, it has the potential to hold quite a few things.

Before getting started, this drawer was just another place I would look for things, thinking I might have stuck them in there. Anybody else have one of those? I have a designated junk drawer and I have this one, which I toss random items in. 

Not anymore though!  I followed Jen’s tutorial exactly and it turned out so pretty! My favorite part was trying to figure out which boxes fit together best…it was like one big jigsaw puzzle.

BUT (there’s always a but), I was foolish and didn’t test to see if the drawer of boxes fit before spending more time than I care to admit wrapping each one with paper. They were too tall! So, after a mini freak out session (I hate wasting time with silly mistakes!), I began to cut down and rewrap each one. It took some time, but I knew the end result would totally be worth it so I pushed through.

It is the perfect spot for items that we grab on the go because it’s by the front door. Things like sunglasses, gum, spare keys, change, camera chargers, lint rollers, and earphones.

I am in love with the outcome. What a happy little drawer! Their cuteness almost, emphasis on almost, makes up for the time that went into these silly little boxes. Don’t let my foolishness deter you from trying this! It really wouldn’t have been that bad if I would have checked to make sure the darn things fit. I’m over it though, I think.


Janel said...

This is an excellent idea! I just found your blog and <3 it!!!
Janel in NJ

Kristin Boyd said...

Thank you :) I thought so too. That's why I "copied" it. Some people are just so creative and I'm so thankful that they share their ideas with the ones of us that aren' me!

amyrdh said...

I just found you on pinterest looking for organization tips. Love the note from your dad- so sweet. My dad has done the same thing!

Kristin Boyd said...

Don't you love Pinterest? I'm always looking for organization tips and ideas on there!