Sunday, March 31, 2013

Organized Gift Cards

If you're anything like me, gift cards are always a welcomed gift. My only problem is keeping up with them. We usually end up somewhere and find ourselves saying,
 "Did you bring the gift card?"
 "No, I thought you had it!" 
After Christmas, we had quite a collection so I came up with a solution. 

Punching holes in the corner of each card and adding them to a binder clip ensures that they are all together in one place. I keep them in a small pocket in my purse so I have them on me at all times.  Sometimes my ideas don't always work out the way I intend for them to, but after four months of never not (double negative...sorry, english teachers!) having a gift card, I think this solution was the perfect one for us. 

Another tip I have is to write the remaining balance on the back of your card with a Sharpie...but I never have to do that because I spend mine all at once!


Rachel O. said...

Seriously awesome idea!! I always lose mine in my purse or my wallet - then find them like a year later, ha!

Kristin Boyd said...

I know, right? I kind of miss's like Christmas all over again. Hah :)