Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{re}organized kitchen: section 2

On Monday, I showed you section 1 of our kitchen. Today, we’re moving on to section 2!

Section 2 has two cabinets, four small drawers, and two large drawers. I did a ton of rearranging and transferred all our spices into new matching containers. Besides getting used to where I put everything, this new setup is working much better for me.

I found these small jars at Wal-mart in the canning section and knew they would be perfect for all my spices. I transferred our spices into these jars and labeled the bottom using black vinyl that I cut out with a circle punch and a chalk marker. This freed up the lazy susans which are now being used for condiments and seasonings. I was also able to remove a shelf to make room for my utensil crock.

This cabinet above the microwave just needed to be straightened up a little bit.

I got rid of all but one set of measuring cups and one set of spoons, tidied things up a little, and added the salad forks from another drawer.

Pot lids are the worst! This drawer was empty after moving the cutting boards and now these lids have their own space. The lids to our stainless steel pots have a smaller handle and store easier with their respective pots than these do.

Since our dish towels got a new home, this drawer was now empty. I moved up some items that we don't use very often (but that I still wanted to keep) from the drawer below.

Now that this drawer was empty,  there is now room for all of our colanders and strainers.

This is the drawer we keep all of the pots and pans in. I matched the lids to their pots and organized them according to size and style.

After completely emptying this drawer, I now have room for all my mixing bowls and measuring cups! They were scattered around the kitchen beforehand, and this large drawer is the perfect spot for all of them.

My cabinets are looking so naked! I am loving al the extra space I am gaining from rearranging and getting rid of things we don't use. 

I'll be back next week with section 3 of our kitchen!

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