Thursday, May 23, 2013

What To Do With Owner Manuals

I used to keep owner manuals in a magazine file and stored them on a shelf in our office. It was functional, but always looked messy and unorganized. Then, I discovered these binders and this post, and knew that it was a much better storage solution.

First, I sorted through all the manuals and tossed out the ones we didn’t’ need anymore. Why I was keeping the ones for items we didn’t even own anymore…I don’t know! Next, I divided them into categories: office, electronics, small appliances, and house. You may need more or less categories depending on what you have or how specific you want to be.

I gathered my supplies, a binder, post-it tabs, and poly envelopes, and got busy putting everything together. The poly envelopes I used are the BEST! They are expensive (18 dollars for 12) and the only reason I got them in the first place was because I had leftover Christmas money. They are totally worth it though! Besides being durable and easy to open and close, they are perfect for items that wouldn't normally go in a manuals.

What do you think? How do you store manuals and other papers around the house? Anyone else love office supplies (binders, poly envelopes, etc.) as much a I do!?

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