Monday, December 7, 2015

Building our Home {PART 2} + VIDEO TOUR

Goodness! It’s been about a month and a half since I have done a building update. We were in the process of framing when I posted last, and since then, SO much has been done. We have been taking pictures throughout the process, but they have all been on an iPhone so they aren’t the best quality.
This is our living area and kitchen framed out. The beams weren’t in the original plan, but I am loving the way they turned out!

Here is the window in our office/playroom. I have a feeling this will be one of our favorite rooms because of all the natural light.

We have walls!

Once the walls were textured and painted, floors started going in next. We went with a wood grain porcelain tile throughout, and could not be happier with how they look!

Cabinets were installed next…this was my absolute favorite day of the whole process. I am in love with these cabinets and can’t wait to start organizing! I think I have probably showed off the pull out drawers at least a thousand times, and yet, I still don’t have a picture of them. Believe me when I say, they are incredible. #obsessed!

And, we have a butler’s pantry!

Next, trim began to go up and the countertops were installed!

Because my heart was set on white, but I wasn’t wiling to spend $1,000 on a farmhouse sink…we went with this sink. It may have been a compromise, but I am loving this one so so so much.
Subway tile has gone up in the showers and kitchen.

Lastly, the electrician finished up this week and plumber should be done soon! The outside is being painted today and last minute touch ups are being made inside. We have an appraisal tomorrow and we are hoping to get moved in some time in the next week!
And, just for fun, here is a quick (emphasis on the word QUICK!) little video tour I recorded last week:
It is such a mess, but I can’t wait to show you all the little details once everything is completed.

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